Get SEC filings for Apple Inc (AAPL), including Annual Report (10k) and Quarterly Report (10Q). by reference into Part III of this Annual Report on Form K where indicated. Item 7 of this Form K under the heading “Management’s Discussion and. Annual Report and Form 10K Ticker: AAPL; Exchange: NASDAQ (See More NASDAQ Companies); Industry: Personal Computers (See More Personal.

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Apple Inc ADR

The Company may be subject to information technology system failures and network disruptions. War, terrorism, geopolitical uncertainties, public health issues, and other business interruptions have caused and could cause damage or disruption to international commerce and the global economy, and thus could have a material adverse effect on the Company, its suppliers, logistics providers, manufacturing vendors and customers, including channel partners.

Table of Contents Aaol.

However, the Company may choose not to hedge certain foreign currency exchange exposures for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, accounting considerations and the prohibitive economic cost of hedging particular exposures. Liquidity and Capital Resources The The Company believes its customers would be reluctant to buy unspecified software upgrade rights for the essential software included with its qualifying hardware products.

Total acquired intangible assets. Diluted earnings per share is computed by dividing income available to common shareholders by the weighted-average number of shares of common stock outstanding during the period increased to include the number of additional shares of common stock that would have been outstanding if the potentially dilutive securities had been issued.

The Company sells its products and resells third-party products in most of its major markets directly to consumers and SMBs through its retail and online stores and its direct sales force. Management bases its estimates on historical experience and on various other assumptions it believes to be reasonable under the circumstances, the results of which form the basis for making judgments about the carrying values of assets and liabilities. Irish legislative changes, effective as The Company could be subject to changes in its tax rates, the adoption of new U.


Revenue allocated to the embedded unspecified software upgrade rights and the non-software services is deferred and recognized on a straight-line basis over the estimated period the software upgrades and non-software services are expected to be provided for each of these devices, which ranges from two to four years.

The following table presents Rest of Asia Pacific net sales information forand in millions: These may be caused by natural disasters, accidents, power disruptions, telecommunications failures, acts of terrorism or war, computer viruses, physical or electronic break-ins, or other events or disruptions. The effective portions of cash flow hedges are recorded in AOCI until the hedged item is recognized in earnings. The Company currently holds rights to patents and copyrights relating to certain aspects of its iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod devices, peripherals, software and services.

Apple Inc (AAPL) 10K Annual Reports & 10Q SEC Filings | Last10K

Average Price Paid Per Share. The Company may enter into forward contracts, option contracts, swaps, or other derivative instruments to offset some of the risk on expected future cash flows, on net investments in certain foreign subsidiaries, and on certain existing assets and liabilities.

In addition, the calculation of tax liabilities involves significant judgment in estimating the impact of uncertainties in the 10, of GAAP and complex tax laws. The Company records a liability when apl is probable that a loss has been incurred and the amount is reasonably estimable.

Table of Contents and video camera and photo library app, and also includes Siri. The Company recognizes revenue in accordance with industry specific software accounting guidance for aapp. If a tax position meets the more-likely-than-not recognition threshold it is then measured to determine the amount of benefit to recognize in the financial statements.

Consistent with industry practice, components are normally acquired through a combination of purchase orders, supplier contracts, and open orders, in each case based on projected demand.

Decreases related to expiration of statute of limitations.

Deferred tax assets and liabilities reflect the effects of tax losses, credits, and the future income tax effects of temporary differences between the consolidated financial statement carrying amounts of existing assets and liabilities and their respective tax bases and are measured using enacted tax rates that apply to taxable income 1k0 the years in which those temporary differences are expected to be recovered or settled.


The Company sells its products worldwide through its retail stores, online stores, and direct sales force, as well axpl through third-party cellular network carriers, wholesalers, retailers, and value-added resellers.

Apple Inc (AAPL) Files 10-K for the Fiscal Year Ended on September 30, 2018

The Company has invested in manufacturing process equipment, much of which is held at certain of its outsourcing partners, and aapo made prepayments to certain of its suppliers associated with long-term supply agreements. This webcast will also be available for replay for approximately two weeks thereafter.

Payments Due in More Than 5 Years. Apple will provide live streaming of its Q4 financial results conference call beginning at 2: The Company records a valuation allowance to reduce deferred tax assets to the amount that is believed more likely than not to be realized. Price Range of Common Stock. Certificates of deposit and time deposits. Increases related to tax positions taken during a prior year. Although the Company believes its provisions related to inventory, capital assets, inventory prepayments and other assets and purchase commitments are currently adequate, no assurance can be given that the Company will not incur additional related charges given the rapid and unpredictable pace of product obsolescence in the industries in which the Company aap.

Compliance with applicable U. The Company did not have any goodwill impairment duringor Therefore, the Company has concluded that if it were to sell azpl rights or access to the non-software services on a standalone basis, including those rights and services attached to iOS devices, Mac and Apple TV, the selling prices would be relatively low. Provision for income taxes.