Buy AGMA F STANDARD FOR SPUR, HELICAL, HERRINGBONE AND BEVEL ENCLOSED DRIVES from SAI Global. AGMA (R) Spur, Helical, Herringbone, and Bevel Enclosed Drives Applicable to enclosed gear drives wherein the gear tooth designs include . Buy AGMA Practice For Enclosed Speed Reducers Or Increasers Using Spur , Helical, Herringbone And Spiral Bevel Gears from SAI Global.

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This includes the factors to account for: AGMA would allow the driver to have hp with a 1. Currently, the basic gear tooth rating formulas are in AGMA Be aware that the gearbox will be oversped during testing. This standard is applicable in a single reduction gearbox if the pinion is agmw rpm or the gear tooth pitch line velocity is over fpm 35 mps.

The guidelines are listed in paragraph 2. However, there are some general statements that can be useful for the typical gear unit user: Subscription pricing is determined by: API 4th edition Do not have apex runout.

This standard is not included in any packages. ISO [except part 5 is ]: The G92 was revised to H98 in ISO does not directly calculate an allowable power for a gear set, nor does AGMA calculate a service factor. API covers not only gear rating, but also related lubricating systems, controls, and instrumentation. These drives include spur, helical, herringbone, double helical, or bevel gearing in single or multistage arrangements, and wormgearing in multistage drives, as either parallel, concentric or right angle configurations.


Sensitive to coupling lock-up external thrust load.

Gearbox specs: Getting it right

These high ratio gear sets are typically used in integral compressor drives and often use a carburized pinion with a through-hardened gear. It is beyond the scope of this Standard to present a detailed analysis of efficiency.

He previously served as a Design Engineer in high-speed gearing, and in he was promoted to Chief Engineer responsible for the engineering on all gears including low-speed through high-speed, marine, and repair.

Although AGMA material-allowable stresses have increased over the years to reflect increasingly stricter metallurgical requirements, improved metallurgy and extensive field experience, the API ratings have remained unchanged. To reduce some of the confusion that a user may have, it may be helpful to compare offers from different manufacturers by calculating and then comparing the API service factors.

The gear has many cycles for every turn it makes.

The API committee is reviewing a proposal to change the method of rating the gear sets with a ratio greater than 7. Note that the values and factors chosen are sufficient for the purposes of this study, but they were selected for simplicity; they do not represent actual gears in production and should not be used as a agka or guide for gear design.


The first high-speed gear unit standard was adopted in and has evolved over time. Let us begin with a brief description of these standards: Method B uses detailed calculations to correlate field data agna similar designs and is the method typically used in the industrial gear market.

The designer has some limited choices when rating a long life gear set. The information on the API data sheet is as follows: Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Single Helical Have teeth of only one hand on each gear. General packing list for the warm seasons.


Material index number Fig 2, Table 3 Page 1, line Since college graduation he has been in gear engineering with Lufkin Industries. API 3rd Edition The rating is for 10, operating hours using the least conservative life factors. The limitations are speeds up to rpm and pitch line velocities not over fpm 35 mps.

This hardness combination is not addressed in API Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts.