The opera Anna Bolena is not a bad version of the English history; aside from the mad scene, Felice Romani’s libretto is simple and the point. Anna Bolena, Paolo Fabbri,ed. includes links to various online libretto sites. Opera Rara have started to include librettos and English. Listing is confusing. Although the description states “Italian Language” in the specific info further down the page it shows the language as English. I assusmed .

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The current status is given below. They are published by Ricordi together with separately available full and vocal scores.

Anna Bolena – Gaetano Donizetti – Libretto in English –

The vocal score includes the “prison scene” that was missing from the previous edition. They also have a list egnlish who owns what editions at http: Opera Rara have usually produced their own editions for the operas they record.

These editions may be hired from Edition Peters. Edition Peters main site also offers many other scores for sale. Also the cantata Cristoforo Colombo.


Anna Bolena

The Loeb Music Library at Harvard is digitizing their 19th century score collection. They also do a blog librstto More details on the score here.

There are a number of sites for tracing or buying old editions of scores and some can be downloaded free of charge. Includes a synopsis of each opera but bolfna always a libretto. Lim Antiqua in Lucca http: Opera Rara have started to include librettos and English translations online for works that they are recording.

Their most recent is one of Donizetti’s Les Martyrs, available here. The Classical Shop www. It is available from Caddy Publishing, email info CaddyPublishing.

Donizetti, String Quartets 7, 13, 18, Introduzione per archi and Or che le notte invita songare also available from Caddy Publishing, email info CaddyPublishing. A score for his string quintet can be found at http: Thomas Lindner has made available the librettos of Donizetti’s early cantata, Aristea and Sarti’s Zenoclea, see http: Musica Aperta, Bergamo has a good listing of scores of mainly religious works.


The critical edition of Donizetti’s operas is slowly being achieved but where operas have not been yet edited there are often good modern editions from other sources.

Many are listed below together with scores for some non operatic works. Il campanello Ilaria Narici, ed.

La Favorite Rebecca Harris Warrick, ed. Poliuto William Ashbrook and Roger Parker, eds.

Linda di Chamounix Gabriele Dotto, ed. Deux Hommes et une femme Rita Paolo Rossini, ed.

Betly Ellen Lockhart and Julia Lockhart, eds. Les Martyrs Flora Willson, ed. Adelia Roger Parker, ed. Opera Rara editions of Donizetti operas Opera Rara have usually produced their own editions for the operas they record.