BS970 817M40 PDF

M40 and M40T steel available from stock. Supplied in plate, diameters, BS , BS EN, AISI/SAE · Werkstoff · M40 · EN24 · See the chemical composition and physical properties of BS Grade M40, find alternative materials, and connect with suppliers. BS/PD onwards M40 BS EN24 Related European grades: 34CrNiMo6, Werkstoff No. US Grade: SAE (AISI) M a.

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It’s an astonishing substance, and as aluminium suppliers we see an awful lot of it. Nitriding is carried out at o C – o C, followed by slow cooling no quench reducing the problem of distortion. Available hot rolled, normalised, cold drawn or turned. At Metalex we stock stainless steel, aluminium sheet, carbon steel and more, so it matters what’s going on out there in the wider world. Readily formed and welded,used mainly in domestic, dairy and decorative appliances general purpose grade for corrosion resistant applications.

4340 High Tensile Steel

Heat to o C – o C, hold until temperature is uniform throughout the section, soak for 1 hour per 25 mm section, and cool in still air.

This information is of a general nature for initial guidance. Please use the search and direction functions if the dimensions you require are not immediately apparent. Pocesses good resistance to scaling at high temperatures.

Used for making gears cams and rollers etc. Can be induction hardened. Modern equivalents to BS ;EN numbers As highly experienced metal stockists we like to monitor demand, supply, pricing and everything Used for gears axles and high strength studs. If welding in the hardened and tempered condition is really necessary, then the work piece, immediately on cooling to hand warm, should be if possible stress relieved at 15 o C below the original tempering temperature if known.


Suitable for stressed pins, shafts studs, keys etc. A nickel chromium molybdenum steel with high strength and toughness.

ASM Material Data Sheet

This is used in conjunction with a limiting section designation. The latest news from your favourite UK 81m740 stockists. Provide good tough core strength with a hard nitrided surface for wear resistance. Austenitic Non-Magnetic Cannot be heat treated but work hardens. BS numbering system explained West Yorkshire Steel are suppliers of M40T in rounds and cut flat bar pieces which can be supplied sawn to your required sizes.

A low carbon, free cutting, mild steel suitable for machining using automatic and CNC machines. Lower Carbon grades S15 and less have improved weldability. Low Strength but good ductility. Are you looking for a reliable and consistent source of enquiries from your industry sector?

It is readily machineable and combines high tensile strength with shock resistance, ductility and wear resistance. Used for gears, and high strength shafts etc.

BS 970, for Mechanical and Allied Engineering Steel

When case hardened results in a hard surface with a tough core. 817m0 for higher strength applications when resistance to shock is required. The news from Metalex, popular stainless steel suppliers in the UK. Heat to o C – o C, hold until temperature is uniform throughout the section and cool in furnace. Download this datasheet as pdf.


M40 ANNEALED Technical Guide :: The Metal Professionals – Acton Bright Steel

We’ve got the tiger by the tail — Fiat Chrysler on their cool new aluminium alloy Fiat Chrysler Automobiles have developed a brand new aluminium alloy for engines, and it Excitingly, new developments in the metals sector are seeing it scale new heights of usefulness and practicality.

B9s70 in heat 817m440 condition e. Use of Cookies We use cookies to maintain user experience and site performance. Available as rolled or normalised in round, flat or hexagon form.

Welding of in whatever condition should always be carried out using low hydrogen electrodes – please consult your welding consumables supplier. Supplied as square bar, or round bar or flat.

In T condition it is a widely used engineering steel grade. New welding tech essential for the US’ ageing nuclear Can be hardened to provide hard surface with a strong tough core.

For continuous high temperature service in the range – oC. A medium strength steel. And 817m0 couple of brass thieves are caught stealing from a cemetery. The number represents the manganese content x As steel suppliers, UK based and highly vs970, we like to keep a finger on our industry’s pulse.