This review first appeared in the December issue of hi-end hifi magazine High Fidelity of Poland. You can also read it in its original Polish version here. In some quarters Burmester has gained an unfair reputation in the UK for being expensive German audio bling, due partly to their highly. Used Burmester CD players for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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Played through the this becomes stunningly obvious. This Burmester is as much a system hub as it is a CD player, particularly when you consider it has balanced analogue inputs and variable output too. Design The Burmester-typical chrome front panel characterizes the visual appearance of the CD player.

We saw a few CD players there, mostly for updating. Two more things are worth mentioning. The vibration-absorbing feet with carbon fiber damping for optimal mechanical decoupling are another link to the Reference Line. For the use of the pre-amplifier function, the is also equipped with an analogue input for the connection of analogue sources. Nevertheless, it does actually work in this context.

The circuit is also extremely well monitored, akin to the engine-management system of a car. This is one of the very best and most complete CD players I have heard to date and certainly the best single-box design.

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Give in to the Shiny Side. The thing is though, you could spend years trying to find the Best Product Ever, going from burmestwr to product to product, and still end back with all Burmester.


Burmester is one of those brands that sells complete systems. Music is reproduced at its utmost perfection. We publish its English translation in a mutual syndication arrangement with publisher Wojciech Pacula. One of those will be WiFi.

The CD section is excellent. See all our CD player reviews. The digital inputs allow the connection of further external sources. Obviously the first thing to come to decide is whether to upsample to kHz and the answer is a resounding yes.

Best CD players Handmade Like all Burmester components the CD player is hand-assembled by highly trained technicians in the Berlin factory. See all our Burmester reviews.

We used the both with and without an external preamp. It has superb bandwidth, a great sense of space with wide and deep views of the musical soundstage and simply stunning resolution.

Front view Rear view Inner view.

What Hi-Fi?

The belt drive is located in a solid, low-resonance chamber. Checking out this system involves a process of building and rebuilding.

Due to its two digital inputs and selectable volume control, the has an additional preamplifier-function. This player can also be configured as a preamplifier as it has a switchable increment analog volume control.

The belt-drive unit is encapsulated in a massive low-resonance chamber. The electronics should all be fed into the power conditioner. We used a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact as source and the results are impressive. The sound is smooth and free of the slightly hazy, unsubtle quality Bluetooth still suffers from in many applications. The sound too was immediately recognisable to me but with a huge leap in quality over the While Burmester makes its own rack, at this level, you should be considering Stillpoints or similar.

I would happily buy one direct from Germany myself and for a purchase this important might even be tempted to nip over for the day for an audition. This is why their top models even decouple the optical sleigh with a belt, not merely the platter.


Power conditioner Burmewter power amplification: If this was a full-blown Burmester system I might have ended up with balanced connections but I chose to use the RCA connections with my home system although Burmester themselves, like many high-end companies are firmly in the balanced camp. The is that rare thing, a belt-driven CD player — most CD burmestfr are direct drive where the centre spindle is connected to the motor.

The rest is classic Burmester with a burmesger weighted sliding door and their disc clamp system. Every single component, from mains plug to loudspeaker, can have a Burmester logo on it, and in most cases there seems to be no overarching reason to break rank.

6moons audio reviews: Burmester model

On account of its two digital ports and its optional volume control, the can also be used as a pre-amplifier. Wojciech Pacula CD player: As is customary for our own articles, the writer’s signature at buurmester end shows an e-mail address should you have questions or wish to send feedback.

The 10 year-old belt-driven CD remains a classy performer. There never seemed that much problem in extracting high levels of information, but I have heard a number of players that, while impressive number crunchers, were never comfortable to listen to for any period of time.

The is a Top Line product, just below the Reference series, but has benefited enormously in this way. CD players and transports.