From the CATIA help documentation: “The Wireframe and Surface workbench allows you to create wireframe construction elements during. This Tutorial contains videos for wireframe and surface design with videos if you have the all types of sweep surface tutorial of will be the full tutorial of sweep in wireframe and surface design catia v5??.

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Define the PartBody to be the work object. General Steps Use the following general steps to create a model from surface features: Select features from the geometrical set to place in the group. Listing order might be different in your model. For example, a a datum curve or skin even non-isotopological used in one feature can be replaced ; A set of features can be isolated as a single feature with no history to facilitate design comprehension and accelerate design changes.

Instead an entity belonging to a feature, such as the edge or vertex of a surface, is selected. Surdace specification tree and model display as shown in Figure 1— Wiredrame surface design specification can be also displayed in various modes, such as the Windows Explorer tree style or CATIA V4 ‘V’ shaped tree style, displaying all dependencies between features. Product Key Customer Benefits. The FreeStyle capability is improved with the addition of wireframe function.

Show NewSurfaces as shown in Figure 1— Rename the split as [Wheel Outside Split].

The feature editor can zoom and pan the surface design specification. The specification tree only displays the features placed desjgn the group. Create surfae mask that results in the display shown in Figure 1— The primary difference is that the toolbar options change Interface to GSD-specific tools, as shown in Figure 1—2. Rename the completed offset surface as [Wheel Offset]. Advanced Surface Design The advantages of slab modeling are: On curve point created referencing a Boundary Representation Figure 1—11 Selecting a boundary representation makes the model less stable.


CATIA V5 – Surface Design Expert – ALTEN Training

Step 1 – Create wireframe geometry. Select the yz plane in the specification tree and show it. You can use wireframe features to define construction elements, intersections, and common boundaries of the catua that define the shape of the model.

Enter a name for the group. Right-click on a geometrical set from which to create the group.

Group created to only display spline Expanded group displays all features Collapsed Group Expanded Group Figure 1—13 Use the following steps to create a group: Stockholm, 21 January – 25 January. Surface features can be created independent from the rest of the model or by using existing wireframe and surface geometry as a reference. No part of this manual may be reproduced in any form by any photographic, electronic, mechanical or other means or used in any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of ASCENT, a division of RAND Worldwide, Inc.

The workbench symbol changes to. Remember me on this computer. The wireframe and surfaces not in the group can be shown by right-clicking on Group-Geometrical Set.

Figure 1—25 Goal After you complete this exercise, you will be able to: When the Group is collapsed, only features added to the group are shown in the specification wirwframe. The dot represents a handle that can be moved by selecting and dragging it with the cursor.

CATIA V5-6R2016 поднимает искусство проектирования на новый уровень

With surfaces, the contours of the model can be individually created as separate features. Flexible post-design 3D parameterization can be performed during the creation of a feature or after the design is completed, by adding 3D constraints wirefra,e the features.


The completed split displays as shown in Figure 1— Hidden wireframe and surface features used to construct join Joined surface shape Figure 1—5 Step 4 – Create solid geometry. Ensure that Curves is the active work object.

Wireframe and Surface – CATIA

When creating cstia features, all faces of the feature must be defined in one step. With Groups, insignificant construction or reference elements can be hidden in the specification tree. When you finish creating surface features, you are ready to create solid geometry. Save the surrface and close the file. The completed model is shown in Figure 1— Show the following from the Points geometrical set, as shown in Figure 1— Select Wheel Offset as the element to cut.

This can be a closed surface or an open surface depending on your design intent. As a result, simple surfaces have the benefit of being able to yield complex results. Help Center Find new research papers in: Advanced Surface Design The model display updates as shown in Figure 1— Hide OriginalSurfaces as shown in Figure 1— With surfaces, you must frequently create reference geometry e. Features include cut, copy, skrface, drag and drop, edit, zoom, pan, vertical and horizontal modes.

Wireframe and Surface – CATIA – PDF Drive

The box has six sides, each of which has a green dot. Referencing explicit elements promotes a more stable model that you have more control over. Slab Models can be defined by creating simple surfaces.