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CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Objectives .. GDI graphics device interface. GHz gigahertz. GUI graphical user interface. GPS. The Windows GDI builds the page and then sends it to the printer. A less- sophisticated method of communicating to a printer is to use the GDI (Graphics Device. GDI is actually a Windows component and is not specific to printers. Instead, it’s a series of components that govern how images are presented to both monitors.

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Windows doesn’t join the party until Windows 10, however, so be aware that you’ll need to install.

How Scanners Work All flatbed scanners, the most common variety of scanner, work the same way. In addition to the basic CMYK inks, the additional comptoa provide for green, blue, gray, light cyan, dark cyan, and more. Thermal wax printers work similarly to dye-sublimation printers, except that instead of using rolls of dye-embedded film, the film is coated with colored wax.

CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Guide, A+ Chapter 27 Print

When the printer doesn’t have enough RAM to store the image before it prints, you get a memory overflow problem. How to Choose a Scanner You must consider four primary variables when choosing a scanner: CompTIA cokptia you to know specifically about a few of these options, so we’ll discuss them in a little more depth. Although not 3 harmful to humans in small amounts, even tiny concentrations of ozone will cause damage problem to printer components.

Support in other operating systems varies, but most of them have third-party software available for working with XPS files.

It uses a roll of heat-sensitive plastic film embedded with page-sized sections of cyan bluemagenta redand yellow dye; many also have a section of black dye. Using the laser, we can “write” an image onto the drum.


Any particle on the drum struck by the laser becomes conductive and its charge is drained away into the grounded core of the drum. Laser The laser acts as the writing mechanism of the printer.

Don’t always go for the highest possible scan if you don’t need the resolution and color depth. Resolution is measured in dots per inch dpi ; higher numbers mean that the ink dots on the page are closer together, so your printed documents will look better.

RET enables the printer to insert smaller dots among the characters, smoothing out the jagged curves that are typical of printers that do not use RET see Figure Figure shows an open scanner.

CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Guide, A+ Chapter 27 Printers and Multifunction Devices (1)

Printers are designed to accept predefined printer languages that handle both characters and graphics. Smaller, specialized printers called snapshot printers use dye-sublimation specifically for printing photos at a reduced cost compared to their full-sized counterparts. The heat method printers use tiny resistors or electroconductive plates at the end of each tube that literally boil the ink; this creates a tiny air bubble that ejects a droplet of ink onto the paper, thus creating a portion of the image see Figure Scanning Speed Scanners have a maximum scanning speed defined by the manufacturer.

Virtual printers provide a nice way to save anything you can print, and they’re particularly good for saving reference copies of information found on the Web. In most laser printers, these gear systems are packed together in discrete units generically called gear packs or gearboxes. Printer speed is a key determinant of a printer’s price, and this is an easy assertion to prove, so Try This!

Most models send each page through four different passes,adding one color at each pass to create the needed results,while others place all the colors onto a special transfer belt and then transfer them to the page in one pass. Modern printers can be categorized into several broad types: A single stick of ink costs about as much as an inkjet cartridge, for example, but with a print capacity of pages, that completely beats the cost of inkjet.


Toner The toner in a laser printer is a fine powder made up of plastic particles bonded to pigment particles. The chapter continues with the steps for installing a multifunction device in a typical personal computer, and concludes with troubleshooting issues.

It’s quite a disappointment to come home with your new printer only to find you can’t connect it because it didn’t come with a USB cable. Do not assume that every error with the word memory in it can be fixed simply by adding more RAM to the printer. Plenty of other connection types are available for printers.

The ink is stored in special small containers called comptua cartridges. When the primary corona or primary charge roller is charged with an extremely high voltage, an electric field or corona forms, enabling voltage to pass to the drum and charge the photosensitive particles on its surface. All of these mechanical features can wear out or break and require service or replacement. In the past,your average office had an array of electronic and mechanical devices dedicated to performing a single task with paper documents.

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