DOD 5200.2-R PDF

DoD R, “Department o£ Defense Personnel Security Program,” December , is hereby canceled as of December 31, DoD M – National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual. ( NISPOM) DoD R – Personnel Security Program. DOD R: DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE PERSONNEL SECURITY PROGRAM.

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A person with these qualities may not be a security risk even if, for example, he or she were to develop an alcohol problem or serious financial debt. An applicant must be of unquestioned allegiance to the United States. Many people, perhaps most people, experience some form of stress that threatens their self-image at some time in their lives: A source’s 5200.2-d, opinions or interpretations are useful to investigators as clues to things that require further investigation, but they are generally not used as a basis for adjudicative action unless they are substantiated by examples of specific behaviors.

This range of values will indicate the level of severity per issue or topic. As it becomes easier for people to access computer databases, ease of use means ease of abuse.

Notwithstanding the whole-person concept, pursuit of further investigation may be terminated by an appropriate adjudicative agency in the face of reliable, significant, disqualifying, adverse information. The issue is whether the individual’s condition causes, or may cause, poor judgment or unreliable, untrustworthy or dysfunctional behavior.

Any reason dor suspect otherwise creates doubt about the applicant’s willingness to safeguard classified national security information CNSI. The following actions may result in unfavorable clearance action or administrative termination of further processing: It declares that “persons who use illegal drugs are not suitable for federal employment. The ultimate determination dos whether the granting or continuing of eligibility for a security clearance is clearly consistent with the interests of national security must be an overall common sense judgment based upon careful consideration of the 13 adjudicative guidelines, each of which is to be evaluated in the context of the whole person.

What we do 500.2-r clients facing a suspension, revocation or non-issuance of a security clearance is similar to what we do for 5020.2-r whose professional licenses are in jeopardy. The role of the adjudicator is to ensure that all doubts concerning personnel being granted eligibility for access to classified information shall be resolved in favor of national security.


The socially responsible person has appropriate respect for authority, comfortably accepts ordinary rules and regulations, and deals fairly with others. A preference for a foreign entity may cause a person to make decisions that are contrary odd the interests of the United States.

DOD 5200.2-R PDF

eod We do everything necessary to establish that the client is, in fact, trustworthy, reliable and sufficiently possessed of sound and discerning judgment.

It indicates that the employee-employer relationship, too, is likely to withstand the inevitable rocky 5200.2-r that crop up in most relationships and which might otherwise cause the employee to turn against the employer. Many people during the course of their lives are beset by problems or stressors that tempt them to engage in improper or illegal behavior.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The potential for pressure, coercion, exploitation, or duress. A personnel security clearance is an administrative determination by a certified adjudicator that an individual is eligible under national security standards for access to classified information.

Use of Information Technology IT Systems Noncompliance with rules, procedures, guidelines or regulations pertaining to information technology systems may raise security concerns about an individual’s reliability and trustworthiness, calling into question the willingness or ability to properly protect sensitive systems, networks and information.

The quality and completeness of investigation can be judged, in part, by the extent to which people who have been very close to subject are available as sources. A formal diagnosis of a disorder is not required for there to be a concern under this guideline. In order to make this determination, a personnel security background cod is conducted.

DOD Adjudicative Elements – Security Clearance

Criminal Conduct Criminal activity creates doubt about a person’s judgment, reliability and trustworthiness. Financial Considerations Failure or inability to live within one’s means, satisfy debts or meet financial obligations may indicate poor self-control, lack of judgment or unwillingness to abide by rules and regulations, rod of which can raise questions about an applicant’s reliability, trustworthiness and ability to protect classified national security information CNSI.

Those who abuse alcohol are more likely than others to engage in high-risk, thoughtless or violent behaviors. Adjudications Certain positions within DoD entail duties of such a sensitive nature, including access to classified information, that the misconduct, malfeasance or nonfeasance of an incumbent in any such position could result in an unacceptably adverse impact upon the national security of the United States.


DoD R, “Personnel Security Program,” 1/

Of particular concern are three types of role conflict: Additional Resources DoD Directive This magnifies the amount of damage that can be caused by a single cleared insider working for the other side. Passwords and User IDs are used to control access to the system data, and procedures are in place to deter and detect browsing and unauthorized access. One of the keys is found in the appropriate regulations which underpin all security clearance work, and specifically in those sections dealing with extenuation and mitigation.

The ability to weather these situations without engaging in improper or illegal activity depends, in large part, upon a person’s basic character and integrity.

Two general types of behaviors related to mishandling protected information are relevant to security: Sources and Information A source’s impressions, opinions or interpretations are useful to investigators as clues to things that require further investigation, but they are generally not used as a basis for adjudicative action unless they are substantiated by examples of specific behaviors.

They experience failure to compete effectively with their peers; perceive injustice at the hands of a supervisor or employing organization; are terminated from a job under circumstances that prompt resentment; feel rejected or betrayed by a spouse; confront serious financial or medical problems; or are tempted by a seemingly easy opportunity for illegal monetary gain.

Respectfully, Bill Meili Dallas Office: No coercive policing could replace the self-discipline and integrity of the person entrusted with the nation’s secrets as the most effective means of protecting them. This increases the risk of unauthorized disclosure of classified information due to impulsive or careless behavior.

The Whole-Person Concept Candidates for security clearance are evaluated under a system which provides a balanced assessment of affirmative or positive qualities as well as potentially disqualifying behaviors. Executive Orderdated September 15,establishes the U. The motivation for the conduct. The adjudication process seeks reasonable assurance that persons granted access to classified information are persons:.