Dragonquest (Dragonriders of Pern #2) [Anne McCaffrey] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Volume II of The Dragonriders of Pern®, the . Dragonquest by Anne McCaffrey. Dragonquest book cover. logo logo. Rating / I’m not prejudiced, but people born years. Volume II of The Dragonriders of Pern®, the legendary series by award-winning author Anne McCaffrey Since Lessa and Ramoth, her golden queen dragon.

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Suddenly, wherries arrive and begin attacking the hatchlings, until Brekke, her fosterling Mirrim and green rider G’selarrive to help, along with their dragons.

Dragonquest (The Dragonriders of Pern #2) by Anne McCaffrey

In a way it seems to show even with this particular iteration — it just seemed to drag on and really have no perceptible point. Afterwards, as Brekke draginquest what she will do when Wirenth rises, Canth notes he is as large as most bronzes, and he and F’nor realise he could fly Wirenth.

Aspects and sequences are still troubling, but I think McCaffrey’s doing something a bit more revolutionary than I expected. After the other Weyrleaders leave, Lessa and F’lar discuss the possibility that this crisis could be dagonquest to their advantage to help get the Oldtimers to accept change.

Dragonquest by Anne McCaffrey | : Books

In Dragonquest, Anne MacCaffrey brings readers in to a wonderful, exciting, and fun-to-imagine world of men and dragons. Eona series Alison Goodman 9.

He nodded toward Sebell’s pants, indicated that Talmor should adjust his twisted belt, approved Brudegan’s immaculate appearance, and murmured that Tagetarl was to smooth his wild hair. Next is the text detailing the details of the plot. Favorite Book or Author. For some reason, my least favorite was definitely not the worst offender but it annoyed me to no end. Few are better at mixing elements of high fantasy and hard science fiction There is love and tragedy and perseverance.


The gilded belt and the knife were just the proper dress accouterments. Each man began arguing his claim at once. Robinton grinned to himself. Dragonriders of Pern Author s: Robinton gives orders to his apprentices and then mingles amongst those present before greeting Lord Larad of Telgar Hold, and Lord Asgenar and Lady Famira. Brekke snaps out of her catatonic state as a result of trying to stop her fire lizard, and she leaves the Hatching Grounds with the others.

T’bor then reveals that an unhappy Prideth told Orth that Kylara took a fire lizard clutch to a Hold, but didn’t say which as she didn’t like the place. After Lessa leaves, Brekke abruptly makes love to F’nor. Behold the awkwardness that is F’nor. My brother gave them to me and I fell in love with fantasy.

The plot and some of the characters failed to keep my interest the entire time and I did find myself waiting for something to happen. Any one deliberately antagonizing them for no cause found himself the butt of a satirical tune which would be played around the land.

Appreciated the masterminding, though would have liked more iron in that velvet glove.

A gentle person who hides behind the no nonsense manner of a healer. Then, here, she begins subverting that. There’s at least an implicit argument i These are peculiar books that are beginning to take on an interesting shape.

But as tensions mount discoveries are being made that will change the face of Pern forever. Sentences are put together jaggedly, awkwardly, without regard to tempo or rhythm or tone or style. Changes are coming to Pern but will the people accept them? Yet, Dragonquest did improve on its predecessor and I suspect I will thoroughly enjoy the next book. I read some opinions about Drangons of Pern being chauvinist. He’d hesitated about bringing it. But then, about pages from the end, it suddenly picks up.

Dragonflight / Dragonquest by Anne McCaffrey

F’lar goes to take his riding leathers to fight Thread in and calls for someone to aid T’ron. In this book she addresses the tension between the modern and the old weyrs. As it opens, tensions are rising between the Oldtimers, those dragonriders who came forward in time turns Pernese years to help the undermanned contemporary dragonriders protect the planet Pern and its inhabitants from the destructive Thread.


In Quest, she looks drsgonquest tradition vs innovation and how changes can affect people who are unprepared for change. F’lar then muses about them being the culmination of Drqgonquest of research, but briefly fears about what dragonriders will be needed for if they manage to destroy Thread once and for all.

However, author Anne McCafferey fell into the Fantasy trope of using clunky, unpronouncable names as dargonquest means of being original.

This was a matter for men to settle, F’lar thinks at one point, although at least he’d been thinking Lessa might be helpful the moment before. Either the success of the Pern novellas spawned the need for a sequel so rapidly that McCaffrey had little chance for the fleshing out and editing of a good story, or McCaffrey is a weak writer who just got lucky on her first Pern novellas.

Nothing ever seems to happen. To ask other readers questions about Dragonquestplease sign up. In the end, only seven hatchlings out of fifty are saved.

Some time later, at Dragonqueat Weyr, Ramoth receives word from a watchrider at Lemos Hold that Thread is falling in northeast Lemoswhen it was expected to fall later in the day in the southwest. The errors are particularly egregious in this novel, with some readers complaining that chunks of the novel are actually left out.

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