One of my favorite rhetorical theorists, Kenneth Burke has done wonders for communication. As I said earlier, one of Burke’s most noted theories is dramatism. Dramatism is a metaphor introduced by 20th-century rhetorician Kenneth Burke to describe his critical method. Dramatism. 1. Dramatism; 2. Introduced by rhetorician Kenneth Burke, made its way into the field of communication in the early ‘s.

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The act is a motivated and purposeful action. Identification is a recognized common ground between two people’s substances, regarding physical characteristics, talents, occupation, experiences, personality, beliefs, and attitudes.

However, some basic assumptions can still be extracted to support the understanding of dramatism.

Dramatistic ratios is the “proportions of one element relative to another in the Dramatism Pentad”, [7] which can be used to find the dominant element in the interaction.

The theory is also interpretable to explain and predict. Countries and organizations can kennethh act as agents. But there are indeed a lot of critiques on the work too.

Sociometry, 21 1 The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life. However, future theorists, specifically Bernard Brock [60] and Herb Simons[61] went on to argue dramatism as metaphorical theory claiming that Burke’s idea that all the world’s a stage is mere a tool of symbolic interaction that signals life as a drama.

Burke’s concept of new rhetoric has also been expanded in various academic disciplines.

Kenneth Burke, Dramatism, the Pentad, and Identification: an Overview

You can buy books here. The act is an important part of the meaning, thought it is not the whole meaning, even though it may sometimes be thought to be so. Category Task Force Discussion. They are the characters in the story, the people who enact the meaning.

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This creates a division within the audience. This is the person performing the act; the speaker him or herself. Rhetoric is needed in this process to build unity. Southern Journal of Communication, 61 1 bhrke, Feminist scholars also talked about our ability as a society to begin to think in new ways about sex and gender, to extent our language beyond duality to a broad ” humanity ” and to “human beings”.

One of my favorite rhetorical theorists, Kenneth Burke has done wonders for communication.

Burke’s Five Elements of Dramatism

Academic Amlong deconstructed print medias of the s addressing human rights as an aspect of educating women about the women’s rights movement. For example, by analyzing public address, scholars examine why a speaker selects a certain strategy dramatis, identify with audience.

Toward a Feminist Dramatism”. A Comment on “Burke’s Act ” “. Burke says dramatiwm wherever there is persuasion, there is rhetoric, and wherever there is meaning, there is persuasion. If the theory eventually is proven wrong, we then can look into more detail to create one that is even better. To further analyze this theory we must use check the criteria when evaluating theories.

The Elements of Dramatism. Corrigibility is the persistence that no matter how right everyone thinks the theory may be, that there might be some sort of flaw or disconfirmation some where along the lines. Dramatism in themes and poems.

See also Characters in a storyPlots. Life as theater, A dramaturgical sourcebook 2nd ed.


The dtamatism is where the act took place, or the background of the act. State U of New York P. The agency is tools used in performing the act. Despite these works and incorporation of Dramatism in feminist work, there remains the evidence that Burke did not use or intent his theory to account for gender.

Dramatism – Wikipedia

From Kennedy’s statement, Ling recognized several elements from the pentad: In comparison with “old” rhetoric, which stresses on deliberate design, “new” rhetoric may include partially “unconscious” factors in its appeal. In this theory, our lives are as if on a stage, setting us individuals as actors on that stage as a way to understand human motives and relations.

As cited in A Note on Burke on kennetg, the author recognized the importance of “motive” in Burke’s work.

Sociolinguistics Theories of language. It views individuality as more a social rather than a psychological phenomenon.

Burke’s Pentad: Dramatism

They employ dramatism to show how these skills are critical in raising finance. According to Burke, there are two different types of scapegoating, universal and fractional. The theory, too, is desirable. It is kenndth simple, pleasing to the mind, and useful. Quarterly Journal of Speech, 86, Dramatists also concern the ways in which people both facilitate and interfere with the ongoing behavior of others. College English, 45 6 Studies in Philosophy and Education.