Engineering Physics by Kar R.K. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Engineering Physics has ratings and 15 reviews. Mumbai University Textbook for Engineering Physics. There is a two-semester compulsory course of Physics in all branches of Engineering, and, surprisingly enough, the Indian publications on the subject, a few.

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Yeah, moreover I have shared some preparation strategies for you to prepare well for the examination. For scoring marks its Technical ofcourse. For you self studies which are of no use ahead in 1st year but if you are intrested in subject then refer to NCERT, also refrence books will be given in your syllabus.

There are some chapters in engineering physics ,in which you will need to focus more But still if your basics are good then you will not required much work on those too. Its just the basic so keep your mind calm and focus on only one book.

By this you can easily secure good marks. This is made possible only by MyPustak. MyPustak is only one click away. On my view for physics you should read Engineering Physics. MyPustak also provides you a platform to donate books. There are a lot many authors that have written good books. Try Technical publication or iK publication. The content was accurate and easy to understand.

Also there were a lot of extra numericals for practise and whole lot of solved ones. Engineering Physics major interweaves classical and modern physics, chemistry, physlcs mathematics with engineering applications.

In the 1st semester of 1st year, you can go for 1. K JHA;this book is in simple language and easy to understand. Other than that is. To study engineering physics ohysics are plenty of books but the best book for studying engineering rngineering is concepts of mordern physics by Arthur Beiser.

Ask New Question Sign In. Which is best book for studying first year engineering physics?

Engineering Physics Books

Answered Nov 6, Physics is a most credit subject in every engineering college. Now I tell u an interesting story. During my first year,teachers taught us from a book published by dhanpat rai publication. But one boy from our year ,went to library every Wednesday and get different books of physics and make their notes.

Before last night of our exams everyone was in hurry to go through whole syllabus,but he read from their own notes. On exam day ,eyes of some boys look like monster’s eyes ,I was one of them who studied at last night. During examI face certain problems like sleep,mixing of certain derivations etc. Now during ressult’s time,I was passed with D and range of my friends vary from F to C. But that guy got A grade. Then I taught a r.kar that books or teachers notes do not matter.


The things that matter are ur approach, how u understand the phenomenons and how u prepared. Some authors ,what they understand by phenomenons they published in their books.

Some authors without wasting their time on understanding, they copied directly from books of foreign authors and certain physiccs.

So in my opinion, u make ur own notes from single or multiple books which depends on u,that saves ur time during exams when u go through it to cover the whole syllabus.

So best of luck for future. Thank you for your feedback! MBA admissions is a tough game: Free Trial at applicantlab. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the r.k.kag.

Which is best book for studying first year engineering physics? – Quora

What is the best book for engineering physics? What are the good books for an engineering physics first year student? Which is the best book for engineering physics for a first-year? Here are some preparation engineerjng for you- Get hand written notes of coaching Centre from Delhi and physivs standard books for all subjects of your wngineering.

Start with a subject, at first study it with standard book thoroughly gate syllabus only and solve questions given in the exercises. These exercises are important because now NAT questions are asked in Gate. And solve previous year Gate papers, university questions papers and objective papers of IES. To increase grasp on the subject refer hand written notes. Follow this procedure with all the subjects. Join two test series. Try to attempt most of the tests.

Make short notes for each subject. Short notes should be relevant to Gate. Write formulas and key points in it. Don’t write facts in it because factual questions are not asked in Gate. Try to revise these short notes pphysics in the morning. This will keep you in touch with subjects which you have completed. Try to complete syllabus by last week of November. And from December on wards start attempting full syllabus tests and do revision. Don’t take test series score by heart.


Never be over confident if you score good and never be disheartened on poor score. Just try to rectify mistakes and improve your score day by day. Try to maintain high level of motivation from first day till day of your exam. G.k.kar social media and join good forums on internet. If sometimes you feel low. Listen motivational speech and songs on YouTube you can listen ‘biography of Dr Phgsics narrated by Gulzaar.

Engineering Physics

Have faith in God. Hope you will do well!

The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has the best price. This tool looks for lower prices at other stores while you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy. Start Now at wikibuy. Goodluck For queries comment on my answer. Hey DearThere are some chapters in engineering physics ,in which you will need to focus more But still if your basics are good then you will not required much work on those too.

Other than that is 2. Fundamentals of Optics by D. Introduction to Special Relativity by R. You can also refer engineering physics published by new age publishers. Related Questions What are the best books for 1st year engineering? Which modern physics book is enginesring for engineering? What are books for 1st year physics?

Is the first year of engineering difficult? What are the subjects to study in the first year? What is the best physics textbook for CSE first year?

Engineering Physics by R.K. Gaur

What is the best physics book to prepare me for first year mechanical engineering? How do I study for maths of the first year of engineering? Which book should I prefer for the first year of engineering in physics?

What is the best books for engineering physics? What are engineeriny best books for first year engineering gtu? Which book is the best for first-year maths? What are the engineeering books for studying mechanics physics in a BSc first year? What book should I study in the first year of mechanical engineering for maths? What is the best second year engineering mathematics book? Still have a question? Related Questions Which is the best book for 1st year engineering physics?

What are physisc best books for 1st year engineering?