This is where you can find all your answers about the Eurail pass and get Search train times and connections across Europe, plus check which trains ask for a. Find out information about looking up train times in Europe before and during your rail Your Eurail Pass allows for extremely flexible travel. With a Eurail Pass and comfortable Italian trains, the entire country is within .. Use the Eurail train timetable or Trenitalia timetable to check times for trains in.

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Perhaps you came to this page thinking that railpasses save moneybut these days they often don’t.

Night Trains in Europe |

How to use a Eurail pass – how Eurail passes work. How to make reservations – online or in person. Find out more about looking up train times in Europe for your Eurail adventure. Obviously with continuous passes this isn’t an issue, the rule just applies to Flexi type Eurail passes.

Plan your Rail Trip in Europe

When you get to Europe and want to start using your pass, you need to ‘validate’ it at any main station, just before you get on your first train. There is space under cover on deck to use a sleeping-bag if you have one, and many backpackers do this.

On the Trenitalia timetable it is simply listed as “InterCityNotte”. If you have a pre-planned fixed itinerary, these cheap advance-purchase train fares can blow a railpass out of the water price-wise. How much do they cost? You can also find routes which do not require a reservation in advance.


A Eurail pass gives you the flexibility to vary your dates, trains and even routes. Using a Eurail pass in Switzerland is easy, as there are no supplements to pay and seat reservations are not required for any journey wholly within Switzerland.

Prices depend on the type of sleeping accommodation you choose.

On the other hand, there are a handful of cases – notably Italian and Germany trains, Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam Thalys and departures from Prague – where you can make passholder reservations using the operator’s own website euraillass so avoid paying any added booking fee, as explained in the section below.

Visit Trainose -Train connections between Serbia and Greece.

European Railway Map

On the other hand, any trains you wanted to use before catching the sleeper would require another box to be used – say you wanted to go from Amsterdam to Cologne on 2nd August to connect with the sleeper – now you’d use two boxes, one 2 August, one 3 August. The Trenhotel night train is known for its luxury and connects many of Spain’s big cities, including Barcelona, Madrid and Granada.

As well as the large and well-known Eurail pass range, several countries do their own non-Eurail pass, which can be worth checking.

You will always have the option of staying an extra night in a place you love. To Brussels or Amsterdam: Port taxes a few euros must be paid no port tax on Venice routes. You’re allowed to use any regular scheduled train run by the operators covered by your pass, whether it’s in that booklet or not!

The all-Europe online timetable: Discover the many treasures of Rome and Florence, go shopping in Milan and explore the canals of Venice by gondola. Be aware that you might have to enter the local name for your destination and departure locations, rather than the English or international name. It’s easy to buy a Eurail pass online at either www. Read about traveling around Italy by train.


When you’re not sure where to go, you should always select the first search result. Incidentally, the age limit for Youth passes changed inanyone under 28 now qualifies for a youth pass, previously it was under Oslo to Stockholm by Swedish X train: Email Address is invalid!

Mrs 61 and I once travelled from my in-laws’ in the Netherlands to Italy using a railpass. Check here to see which participating railways’ trains are included in your Eurail Pass.

Eurail or point-to-point tickets? There are many routes and difficulty levels to choose from, so the daredevil inside you is likely to be satisfied. Plan your trip in Europe and enjoy anticipating all the sights, sounds, and tastes you’re going to experience!

It’s residence that matters, not nationality: Be the first to know about our deals and receive a travel magazine! On the other hand, if you’re over 28 you’re still better sticking with regular tickets even if you pay full price at the station.

Eurail passes are also valid on a number of small private local railways, for a timetanle see www. Sometimes it’s shown as ‘family’.

Eurail passes come in 4 flavours. Your timetabke is empty.