I’ve read through the footsies handbook on quite a few times now and it’s definitely improved my game as well as helping. Posts about Footsies Handbook written by muttonhead. Street Fighter Footsies Handbook — Introduction/Foreword The ebook you’re reading now is the result of a lot of effort by Maj of to compile.

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Street Fighter Footsies Handbook – Free Download PDF

Calmly do whatever it takes to win tournaments. LK, a good way land it is by taking a step forward after forcing your opponent to block a light attack or a jump attack, or even after a knockdown. Try standing jab — it works against divekicks too! April 4th, at Once you scare your opponent out of pushing buttons at close range, you get to walk forward at will.

However, the confusing part of accepting this advice is that jumping can be secretly good in special instances — when set up properly. They vary based on character matchups, accounting for the properties and objectives of rival supers.

You can also try jumping straight up. Certain aspects of footsies take advantage of an opponent’s hesitation while others rely on misdirecting aggression. Any low poke meant to punish the low short will pass harmlessly under a standing jab.

However, it does require you to stay within close promixity, which is a challenge against fireball characters. Street Fighter Footsies Handbook, Chapter 4 — Super moves inflict far too much damage to treat casually.


Street Fighter Footsies Handbook

Beyond handbool, it’s up to you to find optimal counters for each matchup. If your mindgames become too advanced for footsis opponent, your elaborate bait will fly right over their head and you’ll land on a “dumb” lvl3 super. When the tide of battle has turned against you and nothing seems to be going your way, try repeatedly stomping the ground at mid-range.

Test the waters by whiffing a single low jab counter-bait or simply block patiently to see what your opponent has in mind.

Your goal should be to get as close to a fully tactical gameplan as possible, because that’ll actually make your shenanigans considerably more effective as well.

Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. Fireballs can apply pressure, beat out mistimed normal attacks, repel aggressive opponents, and punish mistakes. When your opponent is looking to punish your standard pokes, try whiffing a crouching light kick a few pixels outside their sweep range.

If you try to poke, they can either block or punish you somehow. Otherwise you’ll find yourself walking or flying home with a bewildered look on your face, trying to remember what exactly it was you got hit by.

The goal is to take someone out of their gameplan through sheer frustration. I hope you enjoy it and can make good use of it. Almost all of the characters can do relatively well using only pokes, Specials, Supers, and Ultras only define the normal moves by being able to link into them.

For instance, knowing when to stand in neutral instead of crouching is a big one. Street Fighter Footsies Handbook, Chapter 8 — Hopkicks are significant to the landscape of footsies even though only a few characters possess them.


Keep me logged in on this device. Every minor advantage counts towards giving you an edge over the competition. Momentarily step into your opponent’s poke range and quickly back out instead of attacking. Eliminate the opponent’s capacity to anti-air by knocking them down first. Thus he stays as far away as possible, waiting for the one mistake he can capitalize on. Its really useful and helped me get my first online ranked win!

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Thanks for the link, sir. It could be a trap. We need your help! Closing the gap carries the additional advantage of enabling you to maintain offensive pressure with longer attack strings. Learn how to deal with everything in the game without leaving you feet.

Whiff Punishing beats Sticking Out Moves. Throwing a lot of fireballs lures some people into complacency while agitating others.

This is where the first statement comes in. Most importantly, you lose the option to retaliate after standing back, because projectiles will continue advancing until they make contact, at which point you’ll be pushed out of range. This is Footsies With physical attacks, effective range and vulnerable range hanbdook approximately equal.