GTD & EVERNOTE FOR MAC l SETUP GUIDE. TABLE OF CONTENTS. FOCUS OF THIS GUIDE. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM THIS GUIDE. 1 Focus of. I’ve seen lots of implementations of GTD on Evernote over the years, but This setup is also heavily reliant on tags, which I was already using. How do you organise your life? What stresses you out about how you work now? • How do you prioritise your work? • How do you remember information and.

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Reminders in Evernote support both date and time fields, and the app sends a notification at the appropriate time. Perhaps you call this note To Do Today, and you update it xetup. Make a Shortcut for your Inbox Notebook and any others that you use regularly. Even if you delegate a Project to someone else, if you are accountable for the outcome, you still need a Project entry srtup track or follow up on that assignment. You can use Stacks to create consolidated archives of old tickler files. Look at your computer desktop, downloads folder, documents folder, bookmarks, emails, and open browser tabs.

Which tags you create and how you organize them is highly dependent on your situation, the kind of work you do and how you like to do it. For more on what it entails, see our overview of the Evernoe method.

Getting Started with GTD Templates | Evernote | Evernote Blog

Evernote also offers free GTD templates to use in its app, though they’re meant to help you prepare for specific projects and tasks, rather than carry out a GTD methodology. David Allen’s company, called The Steup Allen Company he really cuts to the chase when it comes to naming sells a GTD guide for setting up Evernoteif everote prefer the branded instructions.

You cannot have any spaces in an Evernote tag. Most people find that sticking to this definition produces a list of around 30— projects.

How to Use Evernote for GTD®

When you set an Evernote notebook to be the defaultnew notes you create will go into that notebook automatically, unless you specifically choose a different notebook for them. In GTD fashion, you should start with one called Inbox to dump all your ideas and notes together in one place before guiee them deciding what to do with them and then filing them into appropriate folders.


That said, many people modify GTD to use the parts that work for them. Evernote is among the best apps for productivity and much of its success comes from its flexibility. Look a few weeks into the past on your calendar: One more option for managing tasks is to create a note for a parent task or project and add a checklist for subtasks. For example, some people like to create an Inbox Stack comprising notebooks for Tasks, Reading, Reference, and so on, although I don’t like this implementation because a standalone Inbox seems to work better in Evernote.

What goals do you need to set?

Evernote Setup Guide for GTD (PC or Mac) (PDF Only)

Visit our template gallery to browse pre-made templates you can add to your Evernote account. Saved Searches are another evenrote feature in Evernote for GTD followers because they let you quickly find highly specific information in one click.

TheSecretWeapon is another resource that specifically explores using Evernote and GTD, and it specifically tackles email as well. Set the Inbox notebook to be your default when you create new notes. Capture all the tasks you need to do by writing them down Decide for each task whether it’s actionable, important, something you can delegate, or something you can discard Organize these tasks into lists Work on those tasks by priority called “next actions” in GTD Review your progress on acting on these tasks For more on what it entails, see our overview of the GTD method.

What things have you saved because they remind you to take an action? Wetup Notebook Stack is a group of notebooks.

Does gtv list fully represent my priorities, interests, values, and long-term goals? Clarify Refine your list In the previous step, you got every potential project off your mind and onto a list, where you can view it objectively. What are you keeping around because it is part of a project that you can name and organize? Because your Projects are constantly changing and evolving, the Weekly Review is an exercise you want to do regularly.


The best introduction to what these five steps look like in practice is the Project List Mindsweep.

How to Use Evernote for GTD®

This option works well for tasks that have more information associated with them, such as making a doctor’s appointment, when you need the medical office phone number, perhaps some information about when prescriptions will run out, and so forth.

Writer Jill Duffy evvernote been covering technology broadly since the early s and productivity in particular since Sort the list from highest to lowest priority, according to how much of your mental bandwidth each Project should ggd taking up in any given week. When the Inbox is a Stack, you end up having to sort more often, which creates needless work. Doing this weekly will help make the granular decisions during the week much easier.

Instead, you can use Shortcuts to order your favorite notebooks any way you want. You have a few options for getting reading and reference material into Evernote. If you’re already well established with GTD, you might also find these five hidden Evernote features useful in advancing your knowledge of the app.

Why use up brain space for thoughts you can reference later? Yours will probably be quite a bit longer.

The energy unleashed by this capture exercise gives you the motivation to think through the four subsequent steps of clarifying, organizing, reflecting, and executing on your new workflow.

This is why we want to use an external tool—not our brains. Try Zapier Free Email me about new features. If you want explicit rules regarding what you should and seetup not do to be productive, then GTD is right up your alley.