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This part of IEC applies to three-phase and single-phase power transformers (including auto-transformers) with the exception of certain categories of. NORME CE1 INTERNATIONALE IEC INTERNATIONAL STANDARD Edition Edition consolidée par l’amendement Edition . Buy IEC Ed. Power transformers Part 1: General from SAI Global.

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S dry-type transformer a transformer of which the magnetic circuit and windings are not immersed in an insulating liquid [IEV 3. NOTE 2 The no-load current of a winding is often expressed as a percentage of the rated current of that winding. Terminal marking on the transformer follows national practice.

Whethertransformerswillbesubjectedtofrequentovercurrents,forexample,furnace transformers and traction feeding transformers. They are defined as follows: The relative value is also equal to the ratio between the applied voltage during a short-circuit measurement which causes the relevant rated current or tapping current to flow, and rated voltage or tapping voltage. Single or three-phase unit.

In the absence of such specification, guidance on loading of transformers complying with this part may be found in Ie and in IEC Annexes A and E form an integral part of this standard. Theterminal intended for connectiontoaneutralpoint of anetwork[IEV, modified] 3.

Therequirements of this clause should be used as far as applicable. I quality of writing This is dealt 60076–1 in 5. If the cooling system is OF or OD, the pump may be used to mix the oil.

NOTE 2 Themeasurement of load loss on alargetransformerrequiresconsiderable care and good measuring equipment because of the low power factor and the often large test currents.

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When IEC standards do not exist for such categories of transformers, iev part of IEC may still be applicable eitheras a whole or in part. The extreme categories of tapping voltage variation are: NOTE 3 Uec the series winding of a three-phase booster transformer which is designed as an open winding see 3. If test methods are not prescribed in this standard, or if tests other than those listed above are specified in the contract, such test methods are subject to agreement.


Instead of items c and dtabulation of the same type as used on the rating plate may be used 60076- advantage see example in annex B. Combined voltage variation CbVV 60076-1 difference in temperature between the top oil and the bottom oil shall be small enough to enable the mean temperature to be determined accurately.

See definitions of these terms below. Thesearereference values for comparison with later measurement in the field. The phase I phasor of the low-voltage winding is oriented according to the induced voltage relation which results for the connection shown.

The tapping quantities are: For selection of tapping for the test, see 5. Power transformers and reactors IEC The measured value is R. For this system the following applies: The test basis for all characteristics other than insulation is the rated condition, unless the test clause states otherwise. Enter the exact number of the standard: Thetransformershallbecapable of carrying, in continuous service, the rated power for a multi-windingtransformer: Such agreement is to be made between the manufacturer and the purchaser.

The load loss is measured with the winding at an average temperature 8. In addition to the main rating plate with 60076–1 information listed above, the transformer shall also carry plateswithidentificationandcharacteristics of auxiliary equipment according to standards for such components bushings, tap-changers, current transformers, special cooling equipment.

If the transformer has more eic one set of ratings, depending upon different connections of windings which have been specifically allowed for in the design, the additional ratings shall all be given on the rating plate, or separate rating plates shall be fitted for each set. Q5 This standard meets my needs: Wave shape of supply voltage A supply voltage of which the wave shape is approximately sinusoidal. These terms have no significance as to which of the windings has the higher rated voltage and should not be used except in the context of direction of active power flow see IEV and The entries on the plate shall be indelibly marked.


Kind of transformer,forexample,separatewindingtransformer,auto-transformer or booster transformer. All measuringsystemsusedforthetestsshallhavecertified,traceableaccuracyandbe subjected to periodic calibration, according to the rules of 4.

IEC 1 Power transformers General | Duy Nguyen –

For others, special requirements will be specified. Unless otherwise specified the principal tapping applies.

If winding balancing ampere-turns are missing in the zero-sequence system, for example, in a star-star-connected transformer without delta winding, the applied voltage shall not exceed the phase-to-neutral voltage at normal operation. If the neutral point of a star-connected or zigzag-connected winding is brought 6006-1, the indication shall be YN yn or ZN Zn respectively.

Click here to sign up. I P Short-circuitcharacteristics of theconnectedsystems expressed as short-circuitpower or current, orsystemimpedance data andpossiblelimitationsaffectingthetransformer design see 6076-1 The loading combinations should also be indicated unless the rated power of one of the windings is the sum of the rated powers of the other windings. Measured values may deviate from guaranteed values within the tolerances according to clause 9, but shall not fall outside the jec, which are limits without tolerance.

I une D tion la P The IEC shall not be held responsible for identifying any or all such patent rights.