jai Shiv Shankar jai gangAdhar karunAkar karthAr harE Jai kailAshee Jai avinAshee dukh hArthee SukhkAr harE (jai Shiv) Glories to lord siva who is known. Lyrics to ‘Stuti – Jai Shiv Shankar, Jai Gangadhar’ by Sajan Mishra. Jai Shiv Shankar Song Lyrics Jai Shiv Shankar Jai Gangadhar Jai Shiv Shankar Jai Gangadhar Karunakar kartar hare Karunakar kartar hare.

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There, Gauri plays near Hara Shivaand pleases her Lord with her adornments.

Mast Malang Shiv – Master Saleem. Bhole Ko Kaise Manao Re. Ashutosh Sasanka Sekhar – Sonu Nigam.

Your whole body is smeared with ashes. Master Saleem – Bum Bhole Views: Thus having hailed His soft lotus feet and having bowed down to the Lord, one gazes steadily at the great God and at the Lord of gods with beneficience. Shiv Amrit Vani Views: Bhajan for Lord Shiva Shambho Shankara.

So if you want akrunakar be a dear one of your lord first you need to become dearer to Lord shiva. Classical bhajans with lyrics Classical bhaj Anuradha Paudwal Shiva Bhajan Views: Few of them are from tulasidas ji who was a great devotee of lord Ram.


jai shiva shankara jai gangadhar

Best site for Lyrics of Bhajans. We meditate upon You, who sport in the hearts of devotees and who are the Lord of Trijata. Uttarkhanda ki char dhamjatra. Shiva Bhajan – 2 Views: Shiva Bhajan Goonje Sada Jaikar.

Newer Post Older Post Home. You adorn Yourself with a garland of skulls and wear a serpent as the sacred thread. Hey Shiv Pita Parmatma. Classical bhajans with lyrics Classical bhajans have a unique soothing and relaxing effects on mind ,soul and body.

Stuti – Jai Shiv Shankar, Jai Gangadhar

Ghat ghat mein panchhi bolta by Kishori Amonkar Bhole ki Jai Jai – Anuradha Paudwal???? Damru har kar baaje.

Miscellinious Beautiful animated bhajans Dont miss it Classical Amalgamation 3 Classical Amalgamation 2 Few Beautiful bhajans in different languages New uploads Prayer “Prarthana” Rare bhajans from hindi films with lyrics Rare classics 4 eternal devotion misellenious The Classic Amalgamation. I think the lyrics of the songs must clear the meanings of these bhajans. Master Saleem – Bhole Bhandari Views: You have a serpent round Your neck.


STOTRAS,BHAJANS & PUJA: शिव (Shiva) आरती – जय गंगाधर (Jai Gangadhar)(Siva stotra/Bhajan 59)

Namamiishmeeshan rudrashtakam – Shiv Bhajan. Shiva Bhajan Tanamanaki Sudha. O Shiva, You have the luster of shining camphor. One who daily recites this song and one who hears it with devotion attains oneness with Shiva. O Bhagton Chalo Manimahesh Bada Nirmal Hai hindi bhajan Views: Shankar Mera Pyara Exclusive Views: Master Saleem – Tarshul Views: Shankar ji is so innocent when he saw him burning in penance he expressed himself in front of him and said I am happy with your penance what do you want from me?