Keda, a manufacturer of large-scale machinery in China, had successfully deployed an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that was paying for itself. Before ERP implementation efforts began, Keda estab- lished a set of selection criteria by which all possible so- lutions would be judged. This was significant. Keda’s SAP – Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /. pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

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There was no way the IT department alone could have achieved so much.

In these referrals, vendors would likely put forth their most successful cases, and by comparing real production environments in implejentation industry, we had a much better idea what suited us. The more indispensible employees were to their department, the more Zhu wanted them on the team. We spent a lot of time taking stock and renumbering stock codes so as to ensure data accuracy in the new system.

Choosing a vendor, however, was not as easy a decision.

In particular, is the vendor experienced in implementing similar systems in companies like Keda? On the third day after rollout, a workshop manager came to us and said that this centralization was implementstion and he needed to set up his own inventory separately once again.

To expedite the entire process, an aggressive big-bang approach was adopted. Implementatino described another example: The chairman of the board himself was present at five meetings, four of which dealt with the progress and status of the computerization project. At the same time, selected key users were responsible for preparing operating manuals for all users. This encouragement took the form of campaigns with explicit incentives to promote computerization in corporations.

He believed that a determined team effort was not only beneficial but essential for project success: Page ssap 9B11E management.

Disconnected business units often duplicated identical processing tasks, resulting in redundancy and heightened costs. Top management support was critical throughout the implementation.

The senior executives had no choice but implementatiin replace him. Implementation was relatively smooth and speedy. Through testing, users also picked up important skills in using the system. These orders did not bring high profits, and management shifted its focus from developing foreign markets to controlling costs.


Keda IT specialists would then implement the requirements. By implementing ERP, Keda was strategically positioned to reap the benefits of computerization. Reusable materials and parts were often scrapped, and precious machine time of imp,ementation facilities was implemsntation wasted, idling at times.

Success or failure hinged on the key users, since they dictated the future workflow. Riamb, the vendor of the current MRP-II system, had ceased providing maintenance support, making urgent the need for a replacement system.

The plan provided detailed analyses of each project, including objectives, expected investments and benefits, feasibility in terms of factors such as staffing and technology requirements, risks and alternative solutions. After Zhu reported the opposition and concerns to the director, a reward system was constructed to resolve the issue.

By the early s, Keda had surpassed most of its competitors to become a world leader in building materials machinery, second only to SACMI of Italy www. Because departmental managers had to work longer hours to keep their department afloat, they would be compensated with bonuses. Knowledge, Information and Communication Systems Management.

The first level of training was provided to selected key users by the consultants. At the time, the global ceramics machinery industry was dominated by European companies. InKeda had introduced three of the 10 most innovative new machinery products in the world.

Each of these projects would be completed in phases. Information was much more transparent after system rollout. Given the huge amount of data and the already heavy workload, parallel rollout was not viable. On the other hand, if they were interested — and they should be given that this is a CNY10 million project! The key users were at the core, the consultants acted as coaches, and the IT officers provided task support to users and consultants.


That made pricing our products difficult, too. In brief, top management would provide overall project direction and make critical decisions; consulting support would be provided by personnel from Digital China; project managers would be assigned from both Keda and Digital China; departmental representatives would oversee the business process redesign and system design aspects; and the IT department would provide all necessary technical support.


However, because the users were the same people who originally specified most of the system operations, Zhu was able to fend off these requests temporarily, until system was stabilized. Skip to main content. This dramatic improvement in production capacity is attributed to the ERP information system. View our pricing guide or login to see prices.

Production delays were common, yet resources and facilities were not being optimally utilized. We had over 30, products. The Case Centre is dedicated to advancing the case method worldwide, sharing knowledge, wisdom and experience to inspire and transform business education across the globe.

While anxiously working through the technical problems and trying to circumvent production delays, Zhu once again had top management reassurance: The Case Centre is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, registered in England No and entered in the Register of Charities No In China, workers look up to those in authority to provide direction.

This lack of integration was especially taxing in the face of competition from local and foreign companies that challenged Keda on many fronts.

In many ways, the challenges had only begun.

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Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. To continue successfully, Keda needed to rethink its IT, urgently. When working out the plan, we focused on how much investment was needed implsmentation in what kinds of systems, what our objectives were, what hindrances the company faced, why we needed computerization, and what problems we were targeting to solve.