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The Khaksar Movement was a paramilitary organization, which was introduced by Allama Inayatullah Mashriqi in a chaotic situation of the. Allama Inayatullah Khan Mashriqi founded the Khaksar Movement, aiming to advance the condition of the masses irrespective of any faith, sect. Khaksar Movement in British India. K likes. “Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Untouchables, Christians of the Frontier Province have witnessed with their own.. .

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My suffering almost to the point of death that I had to face at This page was last changed on 18 Aprilat Causes of Indian Mutiny of Around[a] Allama Mashriqi, a charismatic Muslim intellectual whom some considered to be of anarchist persuasion, [5] revisited the principles for self-reform and self-conduct that he had laid out in his treatiseentitled Tazkira.

Khaksar Movement in British India. Abstract Historically, the liberation of British India in has been primarily credited to the All-India Muslim League and the Indian National Congress, who were involved in the negotiations for partition with the British Government.

These militant activities, however, brought him indirect conflict with the government of the day.

It contains descriptive information on the secret and private correspondence of the Secretary of State for India, Viceroy of India, Provincial Governors, and other high officials. The Khaksar Movement was a fanatical political and social movement of British India. An early report said that the movement began with 90 followers. However after independence, Khaksar movement changed into a civilian political group and comprised PNA Pakistan National Alliance in Abstract The partition of British India has come to be viewed as inevitable.


Khaksar Movement – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Due movememt the movement’s rigid manifesto and strict policies to adhere to khaksxr own ideology, it often came into conflict with the ruling British government.

This book is a sequel to “Pakistan’s Freedom and Allama Mashriqi: Pakistaniaat is a refereed, multidisciplinary, and open access academic journal offering a forum for scholarly and creative engagement with various aspects of Pakistani history, culture, literature, and politics. This page was last edited on 27 Juneat However the success of Kyaksar rule in India necessitated certain conditions, such as: The volunteers of the Khaksar movement were expected to participate daily in military parade and social work.

It was assumed to be a social-reformist movement, which had to deal with the objectives set by its founder. In protest, he had fasted to the point of death.

Khaksar Movement in British India.

Moreover, evidence substantiates that there was an intriguing alliance which was movment of the key forces that ultimately led to partition. Khaksar tehreek soon began to shrink and gradually lost its popularity. In other words, the movement founder Allama Mashriqi was mainly shaping the policy guidelines.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Mashriqi’s Birth to ” Extracts from his jhaksar have been published on the web sites dedicated to Allama Mashriqi and Dr.


Khaksar Movement

Retrieved 20 January The Khaksar Movement-What was its reality? My suffering almost to the point of death that I had to face at the hands of the political tyrants, has not gone in vain and I am happy that truth and righteousness have at last won a battle like of which has, perhaps seldom happened in the history of the defeat of movdment.

All Khaksars carried a bailcha spade as a sign of unity and strength.

But later on, it started again. Mashriqi who was kept in jail without any legal proceedings had fasted to the point of death in order to obtain his release and that of his followers. All sales of our Print Version support our online open access mission.

Khaksar Movement in British India. Research Papers –

The proceedings include information from leading politicians of the time, who were either interrogated or had their statements recorded in connection with the trial. Mashriqi was kept in jail without any legal proceedings.

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