Les revenants [Ibsen Henrik] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 50 rooms; 18 heroes; scenes. Immersive show with full dive-in effect, based on Henrik Ibsen’s play “Ghosts”. The action takes place in the ancient mansion. This article describes the author’s experience in translating several of Ibsen’s plays Une maison de poupée, Un ennemi du peuple, Les Revenants, Le Canard.

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Stockmann declares the liberals de liberale constitute a group he particularly despises: Each language and culture offers its own possibilities, which can only be partly rendered into another language. Ghosts was first produced in New York City on 5 January A filmed February performance of the production screened in more than UK and Irish cinemas on 26 June At the very beginning of the project, I set some basic rules. Les Revenants By Ibsen, Henrik. Reprinted in with the help of original edition published long back [].

In a Chinese-Norwegian co-production entitled Ghosts 2. Although the translators in the Ibsen in Translation project have meetings for each play, where Librairie academique perrin collection All this produces a comical effect that plays an important role in the play.

In order to mitigate the shock all the swearing could give some Spanish readers, I decided to use explanatory footnotes. A sub-plot that concludes before the play’s denouement involves a carpenter, Jacob Engstrand, who married Regina’s mother when she was already pregnant though he is unaware, or pretends to be, that Captain Alving was Regina’s father and regards Regina as his own daughter.


Yet, in this instance, it is not the character that utters them who sounds ridiculous, but the author gevenants translator who pens them.

Although official critics received it coldly, it aroused enthusiasm among leftist supporters.

Les Revenants

The description of her experience can also constitute a practical example of how, when dealing with theatrical texts, that is, oral texts, one cannot avoid taking a stand on theoretical discussions about whether to translate for revsnants page or translate for the stage, whether to make literal, philological translations or more free and oral ones.

Words in bold type are used in quotations to emphasize certain points. Gina does not have a refined background but, in order to please her husband, she tries to use refined words, often with bad results.

It’s much more probable, given that he had friends in Rome who were scientists including the botanist JP Jacobsenwho translated Darwin into Norwegianthat he knew that the disease is passed on through sexual contact, and that pregnant women can pass it to the babies they are carrying.

Ibsen was one of their favourites. Duties towards religion, family and society represented the trap in which women where caught. Alving stayed with him to protect her son from the taint of scandal, and for fear of being shunned by the community.


Despite its age and the fact that it was translated from German and French into Spanish, it is a translation that I particularly value. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


The research done by Liyang Chang, Barbara Haveland, Olga Drobot and myself revejants to the conclusion that it was time to produce new translations of his plays.

Regine works for Mrs. Palimpsestes Revue de traduction En bref: Even if some of the plays were translated in a satisfactory fashion in the early twentieth century, they are nonetheless becoming increasingly outdated.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But her husband continued his affairs until his death, and Mrs.

To re-create this confusion of words, one must look for new pairs of similar words; in many cases these words have to be moved to a different regenants in the text for them reevenants make sense.

Alving and help him run the hostel, but she refuses.

Les Revenants by Ibsen, Henrik

When the text is deprived of this, some scenes become more tragic than they are in Norwegian. Because of its subject matter, which includes religion, venereal disease, incest, and euthanasia, [2] it immediately generated strong controversy and negative criticism. That means that you can come to appreciate Ibsen, Dostoyevsky or Cervantes even if you can read them only in translation.

Alving who uses a refined language and Pastor Manders speaks a language that sounds bombastic.

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