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The programming language is named Lua, it is officially not a acronym. Lua is a common word meaning Moon in Portuguese. The language is named like this. Post su Lua scritti da juhan e robitex. Anche in Go utilizziamo la libreria disponibile con il linguaggio, in particolare il pacchetto “time”, per. eLua stands for Embedded Lua and the project offers the full implementation of the Lua Programming Language to the embedded world, extending it with.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Extension modules are shared objects which can be used to extend the functionality of the interpreter by providing native facilities to Lua scripts.

Alternative terms for free software Comparison of open-source and closed-source software Comparison of source code hosting facilities Free software Free software project directories Gratis versus libre Long-term support Open-source software Open-source software development Outline. The API, like the language, is minimalistic.

Archived from the original on 7 December Several benchmarks show Lua as the fastest language lingugagio the realm of interpreted scripting languages. Maybe knowing that you can find something Lua is a common word meaning Moon in Portuguese. A big and growing number of Open Source hardware and commercially available platforms are supported see here. I tried to find that info for you Max E, but I failed.

The factorial function is implemented as a function in this example:. Please do not write it as “LUA”, which is both lya and confusing, because then it becomes an acronym with different meanings for different people.


You can meet part of the Lua community in person by attending a Lua Workshop. Similarly, Lua allows programmers to implement namespacesclassesand other related features linguahgio its single table implementation; first-class functions allow the employment of many techniques from functional programming ; and full lexical scoping allows fine-grained information hiding to enforce the principle of least privilege.

Ok, panico Insalate di cibernetica. Di robitex Pubblicato anche in Go Etichettato closureFibonaccifirst class functiongolanglang Commenti 0. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Inthe only real contender was Tclwhich had been explicitly designed to be embedded into applications. Advanced functionality is provided by the auxiliary library, which consists largely of preprocessor macros which assist with complex table operations.

Lua combines simple procedural syntax with powerful data description constructs based on associative arrays and extensible semantics. He was able to go through most of the book by himself, and only needed help from me once in a while when he needed more clarifications. Thanks for the question and the answer.

What does LUA acronym stand for? – Stack Overflow

Handy guide to have when programming in LUA. Substantial fractions of large applications have been written in Lua. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Lua has a simple and well documented API that allows strong integration with code written in other languages.

What is eLua?

Only 6 left in stock more on the way. In general, Lua strives linguagfio provide simple, flexible meta-features that can be extended as needed, rather than supply a feature-set specific to one programming paradigm. From untilBrazil had a policy of strong trade barriers called a market reserve for computer hardware and software. The virtual machine of Lua 5 is one of the first register-based pure VMs lus have a wide use.


Free software movement History Open-source software movement Organizations Events. Joining the community There are several meeting places for the Lua community where you can go to learn and help others and contribute in other ways. Prototype and experiment on a Rapid Aplication Develop model. Extensible semantics is a key feature of Lua, and the metatable lingaggio allows Lua’s tables to be customized in powerful ways.

It’s not just about the complex concepts that go into designing games but also the choice of the right programming language and how to use it effectively. Where does Lua come from? Marshalling data between C and Lua functions luq also done using the stack. Lua is a proven, robust language Lua has been used in many industrial applications e.

Lean the Basics of Programming on Roblox Fast! The vardump program alone is worth Typical data structures such as arrayssetslistsand records can be represented using Lua’s single native data structure, the table, which is essentially a heterogeneous associative array.

If the idea was to be very similar to O’reilly published books they succeeded there!